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The Pipe of Port Wine Club


Want to have a cellar stocked with world class, hand selected wines?


We love our wine here at The Pipe of Port, and spend a great deal of time scouring the wine world to bring you the best selection we possibly can. With The Pipe of Port Wine Club, we bring this expertise direct to your door.


Joining our Wine Club is simple, fun and very rewarding! Every 2 months we deliver a case of specially selected wine which varies from 3 to 12 bottles, depending on the level you choose. Accompanying the case will be detailed notes details of each wine, so you can top up your knowledge whilst you drink. 


The wines we select aren’t the type of wines you’ll find in the supermarkets; they come from single estates and are hand crafted to show the very best of the regions and grape varieties from which they are made. We aim to source not just from the famous wine producing nations, but from the weird and wonderful as well, in a true celebration of how beautiful and eclectic the wine world is.


The delivery is door to door and arrives on the nearest Saturday to the 20th. You simply savour the fine wine selection at your leisure, knowing if a particular bottle really takes your fancy, you can order more separately at our special Wine Club case any time!


We currently have three different levels for our wine club members:

The Connoisseur’s Case £125 (between 3 & 6 Bottles)


This is for those who want some serious wines to hand! The wines that go into this case are highly sought after bottles from the very best regions & vintages available. These are special bottles for the budding connoisseur. Due to the nature of these wines, we are limited to the number of members we can have at this level (in some cases, we have sent the whole country’s allocation of wine out in this case). If you would like to join at this level, please indicate on the application form and we’ll contact you when a space becomes available.


The Enthusiast’s Case £115 (12 bottles)


These wines are for those who want to improve their knowledge by mixing some of the world’s most prolific producers, with niche and quirky ones – like trying a Chablis next to a Slovenian Furmint! We’ll send you 6 different wines (2 bottles of each) that will be a mix of Red, White, Rose, Fortified & Sparkling (with the odd pudding wine thrown in for good measure). The wines will retail at around £10 per bottle, meaning you get a bit of a discount!


If you prefer to just take Red or White wines, the case will be 3 different wines (4 bottles of each)


The Enthusiast’s Half Case £68 (6 bottles)


As above, but we will send you 1 bottle each of 6 different wines. If you prefer to just take Red or White wines, the case will be 2 different wines (3 bottles of each)

To become a member, please fill in the form on this page and we will be in touch to confirm and arrange payment. Delivery is free for all SS, CM & CB10/11 postcodes - if you are outside of these we will contact you to discuss delivery charges. 

Please click here for the Wine Club Terms & Conditions.

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